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Is there a way to learn a language fast?

Hello, My name is Randy. I'm a native English speaker from California. I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I didn't think I was lucky when I was young, but now I do. The world values the North American accent as the easiest to hear and learn. The United States values the Milwaukee accent. When I was young, the radio, television and media people came to my hometown to learn the Milwaukee accent. Now I live in Danang, Vietnam. I am available to teach the English teachers.


SpeediEnglish is a way to learn English fast

There are several tools that will speed your language learning process. While there is no magic formula, these are the ways to make the learning fun and effective. When you make it fun, you will be speaking your new language quickly.

SpeediEnglish is a way to learn English fast

1. Name - taking a name in your new language makes room in the brain.
2. Modeling - the teacher models and the student mimicks.
3. Branching - makes new similar phrases.
4. Repetition - repeating the phrase improves the memory.
5. Physical - body gestures anchor the memory.
6. Thinking - this means ask questions in your new language!
7. Listen - record your voice on your smart phone and play it back.
8. Play - games make it faster because you want to learn.

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