About SpeediEnglish

How SpeediEnglish began

Randy West

I am a Native English Speaker.

This is a channel for learning English pronunciation.

Much of the world prefers the North American English accent. The United States prefers the "Mid-West" accent. A long time ago, the radio and television and other media personalities gathered in my hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to study our accent. When I was young, I didn't think that was important. Now I think I am lucky.

I grew up speaking the Native American English accent that people prefer.

I have travelled to some other states in the USA and to other countries. I have visited many many big and tiny places in Wisconsin - Wild Rose, Oshkosh, Madison, and Mellon. Besides Wisconsin, have been to other states - Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Oregon, Florida, New Mexico and California. I have been to out countries - Canada, Mexico, Panama, Israel, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, England. I currently live in Danang, Vietnam.

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