Getting Started

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Getting Started

Welcome to SpeediEnglish. This is where you can get started writing in English, improve your English skills, and make some money while you learn.

We Need Researchers

You are an English student. Maybe you have lots of skills or maybe you are a beginner. Don’t worry. You will take a simple test to learn where you are and how you can earn money. You can probably start where you are.

As a researcher, you can use basic English skills to find new questions that people are asking.

We Need Information

Once you have some skills in research, you can progress to a higher level. Research has given you the skills to find information. Information is what we need next. Our websites provide information to Google. Every day Google gets questions that don’t have answers. Your job in gathering information is to find those answers.

As a skilled researchers, you can use your English skills to find the answers to those questions.

We Need Authors

Once you have the research and information skills, you may also have the skills to write the articles for these websites. Google is a machine, and it needs information presented in a special format. There is a particular form that works best. We teach that form and you can learn it here.

As a skilled information provider, you can use your English skills to write those answers for these websites.