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How You Will Earn

First, you will take a test. This test will measure your level of English in three areas. You will learn three basic skills.

Google Research

Google Research – this is to find the questions being asked in Google but for which, Google doesn’t have those answers – yet!

We have specific tools for finding these questions. We will teach you these tools but you must not share them with other people!

Finding Information

Finding Answers – What Google wants, in a word, is offline information. This means emailing someone, looking in a book, calling someone who knows the answer or putting information together from many different parts into one concise answer.

This answer needs to be published in a blog article on a website, so Google can find it and provide it to the people with the question.

Blog Author

Blog Author – Writing a blog post with that answer in an ideal way that the Google machine can consume it, list it, and bring in visitors. This is how people make money with SEO. They attract the people that are asking a specific question by providing the answer.

How You Will Learn by Teaching

You will be taking video classes, passing tests and using your English skills to make money. Once you have passed your classes. You can choose to be paid for any part of this work, or all of it. Your pay will increase with your level of skills, your efforts and your results. You can also be paid for teaching these skills to the new students.