WordPress Websites

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WordPress is the most popular website architecture

WordPress is now the most common type of website architecture. With a solid code core, with your choice of themes, plugins and other functions, you can make your website do just about anything.

Current Websites

Currently, we have about 30 domains, many websites and are managing some other websites. These all need traffic from people who are interested in our “niche” subjects. Every day people are entering questions into Google.

Google Has Questions

Google already has the answers for many of those questions. But for some new questions, Google doesn’t have those answers yet. That’s where we can shine. We need to provide those answers.

We Have Answers

This means we need authors to write content for those subjects. And, to know which subjects, exactly, we also need researchers.

We need Authors

If you are learning English, you might like to exercise your English muscles by writing for these websites.