Your Call to Adventure

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Your call to adventure

Hello friends. This is your call to adventure.

Years ago I was flat broke, I was sleeping on the floor of a friend’s second house near San Francisco. I had a website building business. But things weren’t going very well. That’s when I looked on Craig’s List for a job. And I saw the ad that would change my life.

It said, drive my brand new car for Uber, and we split the income 50-50. That sounded great because I had a valid California Driver’s License but no car. I was getting around the city on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). I jumped at the chance.

I used his link to sign up for Uber and I began driving. It felt great to be able to go wherever I wanted to whenever I wanted. I drove people all over silicon valley, from San Francisco to San Jose. From Apple to Facebook. I heard conversations about apps in the making. I got paid by Uber every week. I took a screenshot and send the car owner half of the money and kept the rest. It was exciting.

However, after the 50th trip, I got a bonus from Uber. When I got the bonus, so did the car owner. When he got the bonus, he began looking for a new driver. After he got the bonus he began looking for new drivers, and I was soon out of a job.

That’s when I realized that I could sign up new Uber drivers, too. Only, I didn’t need a car. I needed a website. And, I knew how to make websites. Years earlier, one of the smartest things I did online was to get a reseller account. This gave me access to website tools at cost. A new domain cost me less than $10 and hosting a new website cost me less than $50 per year.

I bought Uber Invite Code dot com. Thousands of people were searching for that exact phrase. Then I made a list of the questions people were asking about driving for Uber: was it safe? how much money can you make? what kind of car do you need? and more questions like those. I answered each of those questions on my website.

At first nothing happened.

It takes about 6 months or more before Google will trust your website. However, after 6 months people started visiting my website. They were signing up to drive for Uber with my link. And soon I was getting paid by Uber. I was making a full-time income by not driving. And that lasted for years. I can tell you, it’s a great feeling to wake up to having more money in your bank account.

I want to do that again.

These days, the rules are a little different but most of the basics are the same. I have about 30 domains and about 10 websites that are doing well. What is needed these days, are the questions that people are asking and the answers to those questions. The best questions are the ones that don’t have any competition. That’s were you come in.

I want to be your guide. I’ve made hundreds of websites, written thousands of blog posts and gotten hundreds of thousands of page views. I’m part of a team of folks that’s doing this. I’ve developed a process for making this into a business. I have put in thousands and thousands of hours on this process and I’m going to show it to you. In fact, I’m going to help you succeed by teaching you this process. And, I’m going to pay you a little as you learn.

Here’s the process in a nutshell.

I have a goal of making this a full-time income for all of us in 24 months. There is the potential of earning a full-time income, the same kind of money as I did. More importantly, if you have a website that’s earning a full-time income. You could sell it for 35 times its monthly income. This is a reasonable multiple these days. If you did, you would earn money on top of all of the money you already received.

I have to say this.

There’s no guarantee that you’re going to make big money.

There are skills that you need to master. That’s what you’re going to learn in this course. There is a process of researching what people are looking for in Google. Then we need to analyze the competition, and then we need to write the answer in a way that Google will want to list it. All of this takes time and effort. There is a way of doing this. However, things on the internet change quickly.

We’re not going to get any visitors at the beginning. It will take 6 to 8 months or longer for Google to find and index and trust our content. We are just going to focus on learning the basics. Eventually, I have the goal of publishing a blog post every day.

If we master the basics, and we meet the schedule of writing these answer posts, we should start to see results after they mature in Google. We should be on target to see results within one year. I know this seems like a lot of work and long time. I want you to know that I have done this. I know other people who have done this.

Your call to adventure
Your call to adventure

I want to say again, there is no guarantee.

However we’re going to work together and together we can find what is working and what’s not working. We can change course whenever it’s not working. I know that you if you put in the effort, I will put in the effort to match you, and together we should be unbeatable.

Here’s what I will provide.

I will create the website containers. As I said, I have a website business. I built my first website in 2003. And, I still have it. I already have domains, websites, and some skills. There are lots of ways to make a website slow, not work well or fail completely.

I have a track record of building fast, efficient and successful websites. There are ways of scoring points with Google, like good original images, good writing, good headlines and subheads. There are ways of getting backlinks by creating original content that lazy people will link to instead of create.

What you will provide.

You will write the blog posts. You will write English articles. I know what writing needs to be done. I just don’t have the time to do it all. I will show you how; you must do the research. I will show you how; you must do the analysis. I will teach you how; you must do the writing, and the re-writing.

I will help you with each step in the process, and you will do the work. As a result, you will know how to write clear, concise and clean English articles. And, I will pay you a small amount for this writing.

Now, you have to commit to the long term because there will be lots of effort at the beginning and and very little payment. It will take 6 to 8 months before we see any real results from Google. I know this from my own experience.

I have done this before, and I can do it again, and so can you. I can tell you it is really sweet to wake up to extra money in your bank account.

So, let’s get started!